Jennifer Lake files her taxes as single, never married, head of household. It is a privilege and distinguished honor few get to experience. While she doesn’t take this title lightly, she knows how to throw down handstands on the tops of mountains, sidewalks or busy metropolitan areas without care about who is watching, just for the love of it (of course pictures are always taken). When asked what her best kept secret is at being so remarkably awesome at everything, she will tell you “I can’t say, because it is a secret”. 

 However she can allude and does repeat at nauseum how powerful prayer, meditation, movement and green smoothies are at helping to ease the rumblings of an untamed beast that lives in her mind and the roar of an undying hunger that craves worldwide domination and will stop at nothing except to eat snacks every two to three hours, it’s really a form of service to humanity as she gets HANGRY her daughter can attest to this truth. She pushes the edge of what is possible and moves past perceived limitations with the acuity of an all-wheel drive 2016 Audi.

Many have tried to match her level of Zen in the world of training and unique skill for terrible counting. Just for future reference when she says you only have “one more” it truly, actually means most likely you have at least 10 more reps or seconds on the clock. But as you will find out, should you be so lucky to work with her, this will be to your benefit and you will gladly accept the challenge. Her aim is for you to understand the true meaning of her self-proclaimed quote that will be published someday on a Barnes and Nobles book shelf you will pass by so best to read it now while the wisdom is hot “The Journey is the destination”

According to one friend, “Her vivacious sense of humor is unmatched by any other” Other people have said “Really that’s the best you can do? My seven -year- old nephew Ken can do better than that.”

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Professional Credentials

  • Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise since 2010

  • CPR Certified through American Red Cross since 2010

  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance since 2012 (certified since 2009)

  • Continuing Education Provider Yoga Alliance