Good Night, Thank You

Last night, as I was getting ready to teach virtual yoga, I wanted to find a certain reading about the end of the day. I couldn't find anything that summarized all I wanted so I sat down by candlelight and this came out:

The Day is Done. 

Let me know in my heart

I have done everything I could

Let me see clearly the truth of my being.

Let me trust in the deep wisdom and knowingness of my soul's deepest yearnings.

Let me trust the process and practice that is undoing and unfolding around and within me. 

The Day is Done. 

Let me be at peace with what is was in all of its shortcomings and beautiful moments of heartfelt joy. 

If there was sorrow or anger or hurt let me forgive and move on.

If there was joy, progress and peace

let me trust and move on.

The Day is Done. 

Let it be so.