I get to, i'm blessed to.

This past weekend I overcame a ton of fear and resistance and did something I had been dreaming of doing for the past eight years. I got on a bus and went straight to New York City to meet with aproducer about my musical. 

A bold move for a first time writer like me, but as I said in our meeting this musical is something I can’t not do, it will be birthed, I am just hanging on for the process of it to unfold. 

Even though I lived there when I was 19 and have been there a handful of times since, I was in shock that I was actually there. It took me a few moments to orient myself but once I did, I felt like it was all coming back to me. It was dirty and loud, people were screaming and having conversations with their demons right out in the middle of broad day light, something I admired and slightly feared.There was an intense pace and contrast of the mighty wealthy and the ultra broke. Even though I was in the flow of the experience, my anxiety came along for the ride with me, but mostly it was just pure excitement that I was DOING this. It was happening. I never would have had the courage and self-confidence to pursue this if it weren’t for my yoga, meditation, and functional training practices. 

The most important practice (I mean they are really all uber important)? My morning ritual. This helps transform my energy and mind first thing in the morning so I am not attached to the “past failures” but work with a clean slate of opportunity and divine connection. What I do? First things first. I make a cup of coffee, sit on my special pillow with a blanket. This is very personal, and I actually have not shared this in  detail, but I believe in the transformative healing power of the morning ritual SO much that I think it is important to share. I drink my  coffee as slowly as possible because I just Love it so much. Then I fold forward/ bow down and say a prayer I have been saying for over 15 years now, I’ll share it:

"God, I offer myself to thee to build with thee and do with thee as though wilt, relieve me of the bondage of self that I may better do thy will. Take away my difficulties that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of thy power thy love and thy way of life. AMEN." 

I then sit comfortably in a seated cross legged position, I close my eyes and connect with ujaii breath. Eventually I let go of the ujaii breath all together. If thoughts come, I let them. If my to do list starts to ramble off, I let it. If I start feeling sad, I cry. If I feel blocked I ask for it to be revealed..what is blocking me? If I don’t feel connected to my heart, I breathe deeply into it. If I am struggling somewhere in my life, I say BLESS this whatever it is that is troubling me.

I have gone through phases where I chant, where I journal after the prayer...  but I always say the prayer and I always do the meditation. We don’t meditate just when things are going great,  I meditate so I am prepared to better handle this human life experience. There was a time in my life where my mind would kill me if I let it.

The thing about creating a morning ritual is that it is very personal. and the other secret is, it is something you DO EVERY DAY no matter what. My foundation of my morning ritual is what has helped me be the parent I am and It is exactly what helped me get on that bus to New York City and take a bold step forward in one of my biggest dreams in the world. 

Actions to take to create your morning ritual:

  1. Is there a prayer/verse /writing that you resonate with that helps you feel connected to spirit/energy/god/the divine, universal energy whatever you want to call it? Pick ONE and stick with it. You can always change it, but give it some time first. 
  2. Connect with your breath. 4 counts in 4 counts out. That’s it. In and out of the nose. Whether you have been doing ujaii for ever or never..you can breath in and out of your nose.
  3. Let go and see what is possible. Give yourself a chance to just sit and be. No where you must GO, nothing you must DO. Just a process of watching your thoughts. Letting the mind be. Connecting to your heart. 
  4. Journal. I have recommended this to my clients who have a really tough time just sitting. I get it. This comes from The Artists Way and it is genius. Essentially write for three pages, hand write. With zero agenda. With zero expectation. It is just pure writing, getting the words on paper free flow. The main purpose of it is to practice getting the surface “junk” out of the way. Somedays you might spill out golden nuggets of insight you never knew existed and you’ll think....oh my . god. I am a Fucking genius. Other days it might be pure garbage and you’ll seek to destroy it immediately. IT doesn't matter. Just try it and see what happens. 
  5. Give thanks for what is yet to come. This is a sneaky trick. If the things you want to have happened have not already happened and are still in the process of becoming, giving thanks will only increase your receptivity to them unfolding. For example, I used to feel burdened by my creativity and all of million brilliant ideas I had. I felt weighed down by them because I felt as If I could not ever do anything with them. Until one day, My life coach at the time pointed out to me I could actually be grateful for all my brilliant inspired ideas and trust that the one’s that were meant to actuate would find a way. This shifted everything for me. While its true I literally have stacks of paper and some bits of recycled paper with every amazing thought or idea I have ever had in a pile in a file folder, I am grateful for each and every one of them. It has shifted my perspective on my creativity. Instead of me looking at it as a burden, I am so grateful to be me. 

What is your morning ritual?