Stay curious about what is possible.

For the past month my eight year old soon to be nine year old daughter has been working on a plan to fly to London. Not on a plan mind you, but literally Fly to england. With her fairy wings. She is so enraptured with this notion that she will fly to england with her fairy wings that she has enrolled four of her neighbor friends in the process. 

After school I find them collecting in the backyard, practicing for the big day they will “take off.” They are hard at work practicing the opening ceremony “good bye” song and crafting costumes that are woven out of leaves, and creating piles of pixie dust (aka dirt).

Adorable? Yes. 

She came to me one night with disappointment in her face...”mom I don’t think Sonja (made up name) will get to come with us. She thinks her dad won’t let her. She thinks hell say that she has a great imagination but he doesn't really believe she will be able to fly to london. 

You believe we can fly to london right?

Fu$%. I mean... Nope. Fu$%. 

Yes. Yes I do. 

My daughter believes so passionately in this happening that I have yet to tell her that based upon the current laws of physics and a few other reasons she and her friends are actually indeed not going to be able to make the flight down to south america then back up through our planned pitstop in Paris and then our final destination in London. Even if I am chaperoning and bringing thirty dollars for our “meals out”. 

But who am I to squash her vibrant curiosity and belief? I’m sure she’ll figure out soon enough that no matter how hard she practices jumping off of picnic tables flapping her arms in the correct wing shaped fashion she still will succumb to the laws of gravity and material form we are all subject to. Believe me, If I could actually fly with my own fairy wings I would be all over it. 

Curiosity can lead us to the strangest of places. Curiosity is what leads to ingenuity, innovation, and discovery. 

Without it...where would we be?

In yoga practice another way to frame this is having a beginners mindset. 

This creates a foundation of freedom. When I practice as a beginner at anything, business, parenting, yoga, relationships,  it is easier to be more gentle, loving and kind towards myself. I have said to my daughter on more than one occasion “look this is all new for me, I have never done this parenting thing before, I’m so sorry, let me try again”

How to approach anything with a beginners mindset:

  1. Resolve to be unresolved- all too often we can get fixated on the “END RESULT”. The looser the outcome can be held in the pocket of our hand the more space there is for it to breathe and evolve with a little bit of fairy dust universal magic. 
  2. Awareness of the limiting belief- That word “I CAN’T” must be eradicated from our vernacular. It all comes down to fear and scarcity. “I can’t” is really fear showing it’s face. The good thing about that is that it can easily be transformed once it is acknowledged. “Hi fear, I see you, I get it, you want to be acknowledged. So there. I acknowledged you, but you do not get to run the show, so I am going to do this anyway.”  
  3. Not knowing is part of the process- This can be tricky for our intelligent selves. The mind wants to attach to knowledge in order to create order and sense of this whole experience of life. The uncertainty we feel is really just made up anyway. The only thing that is certain is that life is a process in it’s entirety with all of it’s endings and beginnings. There is a certain rhythm we all are part of and part of the magic of being alive is the unfolding of our own unique path as part of a greater whole.