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Experience the funniest and best in dynamic functional training, mindfulness, yoga, and relaxation in order to actualize results for life.


Outdoor Adventure Fitness Bootcamp for your Mind, Body and Soul

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This is the ultimate most comprehensive training program that will help you build the svelte strength of an ox with the fragility of a butterfly. Hosted live outdoors in the beautiful location of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Nature is really the best location for any transformation no matter how big or small.

Virtual Training

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Through the magic of technology I can be at your home, training you from the comfort of my arm chair eating potato chips (organic it’s how I roll) while you sweat and question everything about your reality. I remember when I watched Star Trek as a kid and actually thought that William Shatner was talking to me. In this scenario I’m Mr. Shatner and you are the one in AWE. Let’s do it!

Fab Abs

In twenty minutes or less you can get flat abs and a new car. Um… nope. But you can have fun and get fit with this video every day for free if you like. I know that’s boring, so just join one of my amazing programs already and we can be together for a long time.

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