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Experience the funniest and best in dynamic functional training, mindfulness, yoga, relaxation and more that gets you results.  


Elev8twithjennifer offers high end customized programming to clients on the local and national level. Whether you are a busy corporate executive or mom who is juggling work, kids and time for YOU, Jennifer designs programming specific to your needs that are informed by her expertise.  

For inquiries and rate information email: elev8twithjennifer@gmail.com

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You want to look and feel better....right? But you have so many responsibilities, maybe your a business owner, or a mom, or a dad, or a student..or the President of the united states or Bono... I get it. Time is a factor and we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  With my virtual training programs you can have access to highly customized training programs that get you the results you deserve from the comfort of your own home/ office/ hotel room or yacht (if there is wifi of course)

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For the past month my eight year old soon to be nine year old daughter has been working on a plan to fly to London. Not on a plan mind you, but literally Fly to england. With her fairy wings. She is so enraptured with this notion that she will fly to england with her fairy wings that she has enrolled four of her neighbor friends in the process. 

After school I find them collecting in the backyard, practicing for the big day they will “take off.” They are hard at work practicing the opening ceremony “good bye” song and crafting costumes that are woven out of leaves, and creating piles of pixie dust (aka dirt).

Adorable? Yes. 

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