Who is the captain of your health ship? Is it your excuses or your actions?

Let your actions lead.

Your actions will get you there.

Chances are if you landed here...and you are still reading this... you might be ready for a change. SO congrats for even considering working with me or any trainer for that matter. Change can stir up fear even when it is for the better...but we'll get more into the psychology of that in a minute. What I am interested in is WHO ARE YOU? and what are you waiting for? 

Let's do this. Training can be fun and effective and YES there is work involved but guess what....it's very rewarding work. And it will get you to where you want to be. Leaner, stronger, more confident, more self-assured, greater self awareness and ability to handle problems which used to baffle you. When you walk into a room people will feel better about themselves in general because you are shining your light of awesome sauce all over the place in an honest, loving sort of way.