All right, so in actuality I have never worked personally with Mr Will Ferrell. Nor has he ever, to my knowledge purchased any training programs from me. BUT should he be reading this right now... or even if his agent is reading this now...please let him know about me. My point is you can be as busy and famous as him or just busy. Either way my virtual training programs will help you enjoy the process of getting in great shape for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self all while having FUN.  

The top three reasons Virtual Training is a good match for you:

  1. You are looking for diversity, accountability and FUN in your programing and design. 
  2. You are a busy Mom, Dad, Entrepreneur, Executive, Actor, Comedian, or Will Ferrell. Taking the time to drive to the gym or yoga studio, do your program, then shower and drive to your other awesome items on your agenda just won't happen. 
  3. You like efficient, effective training programs and want to feel taken care of when it comes to those programs. 

What You Get:

  • Customized programming to fit YOUR needs based off of a brief intake form. Choose from core strength, yoga, functional training, meditation,  sugar detox or a combination of all the above.
  • Five thirty minute training sessions that are fun, effective, and appropriately challenging. In order to boost your mood, elevate your spirit and make you feel like you can conquer the world (because, lets face it, you can:)
  • You might, just sweat. A little. MMkay? It's cleansing. 

Ok that is all I need to hear! I am ready NOW, Sign me up!

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The Nitty Gritty:

  • You will need access to high speed internet via lap top, desktop, or smartphone
  • While equipment is great, most of the sessions can happen with a yoga mat (burpees don't use equipment:)
  • Thirty minutes of your time, dedicated to your health, happiness and greater wellbeing


Virtual Training with Jennifer is flexible and adaptable! My progress since joining over a year ago, matches my expectations, I am more toned, energized and confident. Training with Jennifer is fun and low-pressure, and fits my busy and ever-changing schedule. I highly recommend her!
— Misty