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Jennifer Lake helped me change my life! When I first met with Jennifer, I was a mother of three who had forgotten to take care of myself.  I was suffering from years of back pain and going through extreme life changes.  I was overweight, on blood pressure medication and two daily migraine medications.  

At this point in my life, meeting with a trainer was incredibly intimidating!  What would she think of me?  How could I do this?  My back hurt.  I had 3 young kids.  Bottom line was I had every justifiable excuse and one day I made the decision to take back control of my life.

Fast forward a year and I have lost 40 pounds, dropped three clothing sizes, I am off all medications, and I have had ZERO back pain!  Jennifer not only helped me to become more physically fit, but was able to show me that it was equally as important to get emotionally fit.

Jennifer is a kind, light hearted, friendly, approachable, trustworthy, and incredibly funny spirit that genuinely draws people to her.  She is a dedicated, hard working woman with the much sought after ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable.

Jennifer is knowledgeable in her craft and without hesitation I would recommend her to assist anyone achieve their personal goals. ~ Teresa

She supports us, yet pushes us to our fullest potential. And if you’re looking for results? I am visibly and physically stronger and more fit than when I started with Jennifer! If you are looking for someone to challenge you, make you laugh and help you to appreciate your body all at the same time, Jennifer is the person you are looking for. She is not only an amazing trainer, but a genuine person, too which makes all the difference! I would recommend Jennifer to anyone and everyone.
— Tiffany Hemcher MSW
Before Bliss Body Bootcamp, I would look in the mirror and pick out my flaws and one day I finally decided to DO something about it.  Sthe first class.  Almost couldn’t make myself leave the house.  But I showed up.  And I’ve been hooked ever since.
Jennifer puts us through creative and varying workouts, incorporating cardio, strength, interval, and yoga.  She helps us take the training outside of class, and use these approaches to effect change in our daily lives.  I feel great about myself.  I’m accepting the possibilities of my body, while working with its limitations. I now rearrange my schedule and my life so I can attend every class possible.
— Kate Hill, City Council, Mother extrodinaire
By far the best trainer and yoga teacher I have
ever worked with, she helps you feel confident and capable no matter what, best of all, I have fun, pretty sure i’m on my way to becoming and elite athlete because of her”
— Hector B. B.S CPA (New Zeland)