Elev8t with Jennifer understands the value in taking charge in a pro-active manner of your health on all levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual in order to lead a productive, and meaningful life . Whether it is at the office or at home. The benefits of a regular engaging wellness program will not only increase your companies bottom line but the overall wellbeing of your employees, which we know is unbeatable and priceless. The numbers speak for themselves, just review the latest data released from....about the financial health, happiness impact that introducing programming can make for your establishment: 


Specialty Workshops:

Core Training

Vinyasa Core Yoga

Turf training-

Mindfulness for the workplace

Mind Moves Matter, Matter Moves Mind

Elev8twithjennifer offers consulting for corporate training programs, weight loss initiatives and stress reduction practices. 

Contact: Elev8twitjennifer@gmail.com to get started today.